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About Us

Shine From Within (SFW J&J Holdings Sdn Bhd.) is the first and only coaching company located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia focused on empowering women to be the best versions of themselves by unlocking the courageous and confident you!  Specializing in life and pageantry coaching services, helping women from all walks of life, career, housewives, divorcees and single moms, Shine From Within can help you get that promotion, win your next pageant, or just have more confidence in yourself.


Our mission is to empower women to be the best versions of themselves - to celebrate the many accomplishments of women - to support women involvement in our communities and to advance the status of women.

A Word From Our Co-Founder

"What are Pageants all about?  Unless you’ve been through the pageant journey and competed at an international stage, it is very difficult to paint the picture and the experience of stress, agony, joy and excitement involved within this bittersweet journey. But I’ll try to give you a taste of my journey representing our country last year.

Imagine having to wake up every morning at 5 am to get your makeup and hair do, searching and preparing outfits to showcase for up to 10 days, in a country where you don’t speak the national language, being hospitalized for the first few days due to being dehydrated from diarrhea, on a time table that is always changing and the contestants are always being informed at the last possible minute about the next activity, rehearsing for hours while wearing 5 inch heels, dressed in cultural outfits that extend up to 13 feet high, or wearing evening gowns that easily weigh up to 15 KGs and having prepare and deliver a 5 minute speech while everyone is watching you.  Imagine having to do all of this and still having to maintain your sweetest and most charming smile, 24/7. 

Ladies! Can you do it? And would you want to? With the right mindset, attitude and clear intentions you can, but it will be the most challenging thing you ever do. I have never gone through anything that requires so much perseverance, so little sleep, all the while trying to maintain a proper composure.

I can remember like it was yesterday my first time in a beauty pageant when I experienced the “Well, if I had only known that before I got here, I would have done things differently.” I asked the question, “how come some of the contestants knew more about the pageant, and where did they find out from?" Did someone teach them? If so, then Who? I was so frustrated! And I kept asking why wasn’t this information available to everyone. Why was it so hard to find?  Now with Shine From Within one on one coaching and group training classes it doesn’t have to be."

- June Yap, Co-Founder and Director of Shine From Within.


I competed in a pageant but I didn't have a good experience. Why?

One of the main reasons why contestants do not experience all of the benefits from competing in a beauty pageant is that they do not give themselves enough time to develop the inner and outer skills necessary to win.

What skills are you talking about you ask? 

You need to master your nerves, you need to have enough money saved up to compete so you can buy your gowns and costumes, you need time to get on a diet and work out program to get your body in shape, learn how to catwalk in your evening gown and 5 inch heels, be able to articulate your thoughts through public speaking, find the suitable style for your hair and makeup, and of course, if required, you need to develop a talent. This is not to mean that contestants don’t benefit from last minute coaching sessions, but you cannot expect to win when you only give yourself a few weeks to get ready for a pageant.

Listen to Nicole's Interview below.  She competed in 7 pageants before she place in the top three!

Interview with Nicole

Nicole is one of our Shine From Within students. Let's see what she has to say.

Interview with Jane

Jane is one of our Shine From Within students. Let's see what she has to say.

Interview with Grace

Grace is one of our Shine From Within students. Let's see what she has to say.

Personal Coaching Day With Our Head Coach June Yap

Sneak peak with June and her student Grace who won the title of Ms. Cosmos 2015.


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